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Alex Megann
Dr. Alex Megann (5th Dan) is the chief instructor, and holds the qualification of Coach with the Joint Aikikai Council (JAC), as well as Shidoin (National Instructor) with the BAF.
He started Aikido in Oxford in the late 1970s, under Minoru Kanetsuka sensei and Peter Megann. In 1984 he moved to Southampton, and has been practising and teaching there since then, as well as following courses with his teacher, Kanetsuka Sensei.
Alex is a climate scientist and oceanographer at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.
He also practises yoga in the Scaravelli tradition with his wife, Brenda.
Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson (2nd Dan). Jim started studying aikido in 1997 at the Southampton University dojo, not having studied any other martial art before. He is a qualified Coach with the Joint Aikikai Council.
When not in the dojo, he's a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Southampton.
Adam Blaker
Adam Blaker (1st Dan). Adam started studying Aikido in 2004 with Alex Megann whilst he was a PhD student in the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences. He is a qualified Coach with the Joint Aikikai Council.
Adam is a climate scientist at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

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