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How do I join?
If you're interested in joining the club, then please feel free to come along to any of our training sessions. You are very welcome to come along and watch the class. To get the full feeling of Aikido, and why it is different from most other martial arts, we encourage you to join in!
Information and Application Forms
Here are some information sheets to tell you more about aikido. They are all in Portable Document Format (.PDF), and you can use something like the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them off.

Japanese Aikido Terms (80kb)
Terms used most often in classes.
Code of Conduct
The dojo Code of Conduct.
Southampton University Aikido Club (SUAC) Information Pack (150kb)
Lots of useful information about Aikido, etiquette, fees and training times.
Southampton University Aikido Club Membership Form (230kb)
Required for when joining our club.
6th kyu grading form(230kb)
6th kyu grading form(230kb)
4th kyu grading form(230kb)
3rd kyu grading form(230kb)
Club fees

For non-students, there is an annual membership fee of £35, which covers membership in the British Aikido Federation, the national organization to which the club belongs. Beyond this, the class fees are £25 per month.

For students, the annual membership fee in the British Aikido Federation is £25. Beyond this, the class fees are £18 per University term. Alternatively, students can pay a discounted rate of £70 to cover an entire year.

Whether a student or non-student, all club membership are also required to have Sport and Wellbeing membership with the University, to cover use of the facilities. Information on Sport and Wellbeing membership can be found here.

If you have any questions about Aikido, you can ask them at the session, or you can send us an email at

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